Professional Jazz Reception Band In Israel

Looking for jazz band for reception in Israel?

We do jazz concerts, jazz receptions and jazz background music for Weddings, Bar-Mitzvas, Lounge, Cocktails and/or any kind of party where jazz band is needed,

The soundscape is wide and overwhelming, and it's an essential part of any event. The warmth of the music will lift the spirits and turn up the smiles while orchestrating the gathering of the attendees.

Our tailored jazz arrangements suites wide range people. We're experts in delivering the right groove on the exact moment. While you listen to us - we feel your audience and conduct that groove and dynamics to be right & tight!

Every second becomes a Moment To Remember.

Lastly, we come as we are. Play simple, honest, artistic and entertaining. We do have fun while doing it!

The right entertainment for everyone!

mail us: call us: +972-54-460-5634

Why jazz?

!We love it

!It’s fun

!It’s entertaining

!Has many Moods and colors possibilities

!Dynamic and surprising

!It’s a tool for giving love to the world

mail us: call us: +972-54-460-5634